AutoCAD drawing aid downloads.
We are presently adding  true-to-scale AutoCAD drawing of pumps and valves, suitable for insertion into system layout drawings.  These are in AutoCAD release 14 (.dwg) format.  Eighty-four valve drawings are presently available.

High Head Valve Drawings.
Drawings, in three views, of our popular High Head valve range, in both headwall mounted and grouted configurations, are available below.
  Each view is in a separate .dwg file.  File names indicate the valve size in mm and view direction.  They are drawn to a scale of 1Drawing Unit = 1mm, with insertion point in each case being the centre of the end of the pipe opening.

After un-zipping downloaded files, check whether individual files have been designated 'Read Only', if so, you will need remove this limitation in 'Properties' of the right-click menu in Windows Explorer.


High Head Valves:

       Grouted       743kb

Click either heading to download a .zip file containing the drawing blocks.  Place the .zip file in a suitable folder on your hard drive, then double click it in Windows Explorer to expand.  There are 42 .dwg files in each.
Expected download time:  4 to 8 minutes.