Batescrew FLANGES

Several types of flange are available, as listed below.  The usual choice is between a Batescrew modified Table D flange, or the lower cost version rolled from flat bar.  Flanges complying with the various recognised standards are also available.

MODIFIED TABLE D FLANGE.   This is a Batescrew modification of Australian Standard 2129, Table 'D'.
The modified flange provides connectability with other fittings, while reducing flange thickness and bolt size, to values more appropriate to the specified lower operating heads.   These flanges have the same Pitch Circle Diameter and number of bolt holes as specified in AS 2129 Table D.  Batescrew fittings with the modified flange may therefore be connected to other official table D flanges, using the smaller bolts indicated in the Batescrew tables.
A comparison of sizes, between AS2129 Table D and Batescrew modified Table D, can be seen by clicking here:  Flange Comparison Chart.
Modified flange dimensions are also given, if applicable, with the installation dimension tables for each pump and valve.

LOW COST ROLLED FLANGE.  Rolled from flat mild steel bar.  These are drilled for smaller than usual bolts, set at closer intervals.  This type of flange, although non-standard, is suitable for operating heads to ten metres.  It does not allow connection with standard flanges.  There is a considerable cost saving in both material and bolts.  Dimension tables are not available.  Consult our Technical Services Dept. for details.

RECOGNISED STANDARD FLANGES. Complying with any recognised standard, eg. AS 2129; DIN 2530 CL6; ANSI 125; JIS5; may be supplied, at extra cost.  These are normally used only when it is necessary to comply with specific regulations.

SQUARE FLANGE.  Commonly used for connecting flap valves to headwall structures.  See Flap Valves for dimensions.