Batescrew Axial Flow Pumps
Capacity Charts          (see Charts 1 & 2  below)

Charts of HEAD and FLOW RATE for single and two stage Batescrew Axial Flow Pumps.
The curves below show the Head / Flow Rate for each pump in the axial flow range.
When two pump sizes are capable of performing at given head/flow, a comparison of running costs is calculated by comparing the efficiency levels of the impellers available (see Impeller Performance Curves).  For most pumps, Batescrew have available more than one impeller, of slightly differing characteristics.  Our Technical Services dept. will assist with impeller selection. 
For any given task, running and maintenance costs of the larger of two pumps will normally be lower.
The tables below give values for single and two-stage pumps.  More impeller stages may be added to a pump for increased total head, the number of permissible stages being governed by the particular impeller chosen, in some cases up to eight stages.  The maximum number of stages is quoted for each impeller, at the head of it's Impeller Performance Curve.
Note:  Each additional impeller stage directly multiplies the head achieved and power consumption but has no appreciable effect on flow rate.


         CHART 1       Batescrew Axial Flow - 1&2 stage - pumps up to model 14/16


           CHART 2       Batescrew Axial Flow - 1&2 stage - pump models 17/21 to 32/48