Batescrew Axial Flow Pumps.
Construction Materials.

Impellers are cast Aluminium Bronze, enclosed within Stainless Steel Running Rings.
Intake Bellmouth Housings and Stator Housings are of Cast Iron
Other parts of the Column and Discharge Head are steel fabrications, hot dip galvanised.
Drive Shafts are of grade 431 Stainless Steel, for water-lubricated pumps and Bright Mild Steel (with Stainless Impeller Shafts) on oil-lubricated pumps.
Lube-tube Columns, which house the bearings and lineshaft on oil lubricated pumps, are hot dip galvanised.  Galvanising inside the tubes reduces contamination of lubricant by the products of condensate corrosion.
Other materials, including Stainless Steel castings and Stainless fabrications, may be specified as required.



Pump Shaft Stress.
Maximum bearing spacing of the lineshaft is limited to 1.22 metres, ensuring that the design stress of lineshaft is in compliance with ‘Fixed Fire Pump Standard’ AS2941.  This often means ‘more bearings per pump on Batescrew pumps'.

Lineshafts are reversible, for extra wearing life.