Batescrew Pumps
Extended Drive Column  
for Angle and Vertical Application Pumps.

To raise thrust bearings and drive unit above flood level.
See table below for standard lengths.

Thrust bearings are located at top of drive column.
Thrust bearings must be kept above flood level.  Cooling water is normally circulated from the pump discharge to a water-jacketed bearing housing at the top of an extended drive column.
If there will be insufficient pressure for cooling water to reach the housing, a special air-cooled housing or a separate thermo-siphon water cooling system should be used.  Please consult Batescrew Technical Services Department for details.

Line shaft bearings for extended drive column.
WATER LUBRICATED  Line shaft bearing carriers are held between the flanges along the length of the extended column.  The maximum length of each column section is therefore limited to 1.22 metres (4ft), with multiple standard sections being used to make up the required overall length.
As these bearings are water-lubricated, there must be adequate internal pressure for water to reach the top bearing.  Failing this, options include:  1) External flushing water system or   2) Grease-lubricated roller bearings in the upper sections.  Please consult the factory for details.
OIL LUBRICATED  Bronze bearings are carried in an internal lube-tube, therefore longer external column lengths may be used, as per the table below.


Drive Column sections may be ordered in any combination of these standard lengths.

B2 (mm)

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