Drive Options for Vertical Application Pumps
The following drive arrangements are applicable to both
Axial Flow and Turbine pumps.

(1) Extended Drive Column.   Places drive head above flood level, or discharge below ground.  Please indicate preferred location of mounting plate (above or below discharge head or at flanges below drive head), drilled to suit location.        

(2)  Electric, solid shaft, direct coupled.  Suitable when pump RPM matches motor RPM.  Electronic speed controller may be used, to optimise impeller speed or adjust flow rate.
(3)  Electric, hollow shaft, direct coupled.  This type of motor is robust and compact.  Pump spindle extends through motor, impeller thrust is taken on motor bearings.  Eliminates pump thrust bearing and flexible coupling.  Simplifies maintenance, motor is more expensive.
(4)  Electric, foot mounted, vee-belt drive.
Low cost, basic but effective.
(5)  Diesel, crossed vee-belt.  Low cost, suitable for up to six belts or 45kW (60hp) max.  Change pulleys to alter flow rate while keeping engine RPM in optimum range.
(6)  Diesel, universal shaft, angle gear drive.  Avoids vee-belts, high efficiency, long running.