Impeller Performance Curves

Batescrew's Technical Services Department is available to assist in developing performance data, or will provide a complete pump analysis as part of our design calculation service.
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Performance curves are generated from actual test data and describe the characteristics of individual impellers under test but do not directly provide performance figures to be expected of a pump.  Curves are used for impeller comparison and selection.
To calculate expected pump performance, a true value for Total Dynamic Head is needed, found by adding all of the dynamic losses within a system, to a known value for Static Head.
Dynamic losses are influenced by the various flow velocities occurring at different points in a system and include the following:
     All losses occurring in pipes, bends etc. leading to a sump.
     The influence of sump design on pump intake loss.
     Pump losses arising in wet end, column and discharge head.
     All discharge-end losses in pipes, bends, valves, outlet bubblers etc.

The graphs  below are PDF files, average size 260KB, which will print  on A4 paper at reasonable quality.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed on your PC.  Click here for latest version     Adobe Acrobat Reader

6SE 10HS 14MB 16HC 18HC 1485rpm   36HC
662 rpm
7SE 10SE 14MC   18HC 1800rpm   36HC
745 rpm
8HS 12MS 14MD
  18HC (multi)