Sludge Pumps 


Wineries - Dairies - Piggeries - Abattoirs
Small Town Sewage Treatment
Industrial Waste Sumps

The pump at left has cast iron body, stainless lube-tube and discharge pipe.
The pump at right has galvanised lube-tube and discharge, two-part epoxy painted.
Batescrew effluent pumps are available in two modes, capable of handling product extremes ranging, on the one hand, from entrained, chunky, abrasive  solids, to the other extreme of thick sludge.
Pump characteristics are determined by impeller selection, the two styles being...
Vortex Impellers   Clog-free abrasion resistant pumping, chunky solids.
Volute Impellers    Effective pumping of thick sludge.

Most applications are line-shaft driven sump pumps, seen at right, with bodies fully immersed to eliminate priming.

DRIVES  Electric, diesel or petrol drives are usually direct coupled.

LUBRICATION     The most effective lubrication system is
'Fresh Water Flush', in which clean low-pressure lubricating water is delivered to EPDM rubber bearings.  Lubricating water enters the lube tube at the top bearing, passes the bottom bearing and is expelled into the product stream by secondary centrifugal vanes on the rear face of the impeller.  This arrangement reduces aggressive product contact with shaft and seal and is particularly effective with raw and secondary sewage applications.
PRODUCT LUBRICATION  is at times feasible.  Please discuss this option with Batescrew Technical Services Department. 

Impellers:     Cast Iron; Bronze; Aluminium; Stainless Steel.
Pump Body:  Cast Iron; Bronze; Stainless Steel.
Line Shaft:    Stainless Steel; grades 304 or 316.
Lube Tube:   Galvanised; Stainless Steel grade 304.

This section of out website is presently being compiled.  For further information on Sludge Pumps please contact...
                 Batescrew Technical Services Department.