Volute type Sludge Pumps

This type of single-vane centrifugal pump operates with an unbalanced impeller and consequently at lower speed than a vortex pump, it is, however, more mechanically efficient and capable of pumping to higher heads than a vortex pump.
It is well suited to pumping thick slurries and long-stranding contaminants such as grasses, string, rope etcetera, as may be found in sewerage applications.

Inlets are of smaller diameter than outlets, so that solids entering will find adequate passage through the pump.

PHOTO AT RIGHT shows impeller and body of a
Batescrew model CS3-4V volute type sludge pump.

Impellers:     Cast Iron; Bronze; Aluminium; Stainless Steel.
Pump Body:  Cast Iron; Bronze; Stainless Steel.
Line Shaft:    Stainless Steel; grades 304 or 316.
Lube Tube:   Galvanised; Stainless Steel grade 304.

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