Vortex type Sludge Pumps

These are a form of centrifugal pump, of lower mechanical efficiency than other types, but extremely effective in handling entrained solids, such as hide, bone, general abattoir floor sweepings or abrasive solids.  They may be driven at 2900rpm for spray irrigating dairy waste.

In operation, a standing vortex is generated in front of a straight-vaned impeller, as seen in the photo at right.
As incoming product joins the vortex, entrained solids are expelled radially, before contacting the impeller, resulting in low impeller wear and freedom from blockage or entanglement.
It can be seen that the impeller shape presents very little opportunity for entanglement by fibrous materials.

Inlets are of smaller diameter than outlets, so that solids entering will find adequate passage through the pump.

PHOTO AT RIGHT shows impeller and body of a Batescrew model CS3-4T vortex type sludge pump.

Impellers:     Cast Iron; Bronze; Aluminium; Stainless Steel.
Pump Body:  Cast Iron; Bronze; Stainless Steel.
Line Shaft:    Stainless Steel; grades 304 or 316.
Lube Tube:   Galvanised; Stainless Steel grade 304.

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