Batescrew Extreme Head Valves
Repair Rig      (optional extra)

With valve doors of up to 2.5 tonnes, seal replacement at an awkward site can be a problem.  A special purpose gantry has been designed for this task.
The rig breaks down into manageable components that can be handled and erected by three men.
This system is also used for temporary repair, allowing a door with a damaged seal to be reversed, so that the valve may continue in service until a replacement seal is obtained.  If carefully planned, the critical stages of this operation can be completed in approximately thirty  to forty-five minutes.

Detailed assembly instructions are supplied with the rig.

Briefly, the procedure for seal replacement is to lift the door out of the body and replace the seals, while the door remains suspended above the valve.
Provision is made for extracting and securing the control screws.
A temporary bracket, to hold the head assembly, attaches to the body of the valve.
The step-by-step procedure for seal replacement is given in 'Operation'.