Batescrew High Head Valves
Optional Accessories

The following items, although commonly supplied, are not included in the standard valve specification.  Please advise which accessories are required, when ordering or seeking price quotations.

TYPE 2 HANDLE.  This is a standard handle, extended by 760mm, with a square drive socket to engage the valve control column. Standard finish is hot dip galvanised. A clearance hole of 135mm diameter is required, in order to insert the lower end through a partition or deck.
The extension tube may be unbolted, allowing the handwheel to be re-fitted to the valve, in the conventional manner.  Other types of standard drive connection can be supplied on request.

Comprising a slot, milled through the outer tube of the control column , through which the vertical position of the inner tube can be seen.  Graduations can be marked along the outer column, if desired.  Please note:  This slot allows ingress of dust to the thread chamber, which may not be desirable. Specify this option when ordering.
To secure a valve against unauthorised use, our normal practice is to supply a special control column, with a steel link just below the top flange.  A chain, passing through the handwheel, can be padlocked to the link.  Specify this option when ordering.

(not illustrated)