Batescrew High Head Valves
Power Actuators & Remote Control

Industrial power actuators may be fitted to these valves, either at manufacture or later.

For agricultural use, a hydraulic motor can be fitted to the screw, or a cylinder directly to the door frame.  When doing so, it is always necessary to guard against over-stressing.

Torque applied to the control screw should not exceed 860Nm, the equivalent of the effort of one man on a 500mm diameter handwheel.

A convenient arrangement, for multi-valve installations, is a portable hydraulic power pack, with a quick-connect socket.  This allows the motor to be taken to each valve, and leaves each valve moderately tamper proof.

POWER SOURCES for simple installations:
   Single or three phase mains supply.
   Battery (solar recharge systems are available).
   Stored energy, in the form of compressed air,(recharged manually at intervals).
   Mobile hydraulic power packs.
   Water pressure, if sufficient pressure is available on-site.
Batescrew supply a range of industrial actuators, which may be operated manually, remotely, or by automatic control systems.
We prefer an actuator to be capable of manual operation, one where the handwheel does not rotate when in power drive and with automatic de-clutching, to protect the operator from injury in the event of unexpected operation.  In addition, we would specify that a means be provided at the valve site, to isolate a valve from it's remote controller.
Other features of industrial units are: Over-travel and over-torque protection, valve position indication, variable position control from remote location, ability to interrogate a valve station remotely, submergibility.
COMMUNICATION between a valve station and remote controller may be achieved by radio transmission, telephone/modem, twisted-pair cable connection.

Illustrated, above right, is a typical arrangement for a 750mm High Head Grouted valve, fitted with a 24V dc actuator.  This will be battery powered, with solar recharge.