These five models are made, to suit the various attachment methods.

Headwall Mounted.    Grouted.     Single Flange.    In-Line.     Square Throat.   

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This is our most popular model for penstock or channel gate applications.
Our High Head valves are used extensively in Australia and South East Asia, in applications ranging from control of irrigation and drainage water to mining and marine use.  Suitable for operating heads up to six metres (20ft).

Roller guidance of the valve door.
Cam/roller clamping of the door in the closed position.
Cam/roller un-clamping of the seal when opening the valve.
Ball bearing supported control mechanism.
A very substantial stainless steel ‘Acme’ control screw.
Sealing is effective against pressure from either direction.
Removable top cross frame allows vertical dismantling in-situ.
Fabricated from  hot-dip galvanised 6mm mild steel, or stainless steel, in grade 304L or 316L, may also be specified.

Handwheels are fitted as standard, although power actuators of various types are also used.  Actuators may be set up to give local and/or remote control.
Our Technical Services Dept. will advise on the features of actuator types in use.