Batescrew High Head Valves
Installation Notes

These notes are applicable to High Head valves, of all models.
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                                                 Headwall Installations.

                                                 Grouted Installations.
                                                 Extended Control Column.
TRANSIT BOLT.  Valves are shipped with the door closed and secured to the bottom frame by a single bolt.  For safety, it is important to leave the door secured, until all manual handling is completed, or until the control column has been fully attached to the door.  There is a very real risk of loosing fingers in a valve with a loose door.  Remove the bolt before attempting to open the valve.

ALL VALVES should be checked after installation, to be sure they are free-running.  Any sign of binding, rubbing, grinding, stiffness or irregular feel in the handwheel, should be investigated.  A valve put into service with any of these defects will have reduced service life and may not seal properly.
Possible causes of these problems range from manufacturing defect to transport damage and several types of installation problem.  The most likely types of trouble will be:
1) Misalignment of the control column;
2) Foreign matter in the roller tracks;
3) Distortion of the body frame by headwall clamp bolts;
4) Incorrect length of bolt in a side access hatch, protruding into the roller tracks.

Misalignment of the control column may appear as bowing of the inner control tube, so that it rubs on the outer tube, or the door may be forced to one side within the guide tracks.  Misalignment of the column can occur as a result of:
1) Transport damage to some part of the tube or frame;
2) Distortion of the column assembly, by support clamps in need of packing;
3) Distortion of the main frame (on Headwall models, this would most likely be as a result of the body cleats being improperly shimmed against the wall).

Always check for foreign matter in the guide tracks, particularly on grouted installations.